Licenses & Information

Preferred Game Management Units

When submitting your application for the draw, our preferred game management units are as follows:

Game Management Units


Early Season Deer: Unit 106


Late Season Deer: Unit 99


Antelope: Unit 106

Land Owner Permits

Each year we have a select number of Land Owner Permits available for various hunts. Please check with us in June for the availability of Land Owner Permits for the fall Colorado hunting seasons.

Land Owner Permits


Pricing (includes guide fee) is as follows:


Land Owner Tag and Hunt Pricing:

  • Antelope: $4,500.00
  • Deer: $9,000.00


Guide fee for hunter provided tag:

  • Antelope: $3,500.00
  • Early Season Deer: $7,500.00
  • Late Season Deer: $7,500.00


If you wish to book a hunt with Russell please complete and return our Application for RGG Hunt Contract.


We hope that you trust us to protect your private information; the information that we ask for is all required by the State of Colorado to apply for a big game license. If a tag is not drawn a preference point will be earned and a refund will be mailed directly back to you. The deadline for applying is April and refunds arrive no later than June. The Bluffs will charge a $50 fee for applying that is refundable if you draw and book your hunt with Russell.

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